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New ideas for an old business

Creative Development stands for our views to enhance your companys growth. We can apply new thinking to your old business ideas, products and marketing. The way we can improve your is working with business makeover including service quality, advertising strategy, goal settings, design or redesign.

Having both an internal designgroup and external connections in the small manufacturing industry, we can also assist with branding, labeling and packaging for your products.



Market Strategy / Business makeover

We have a long understarding of business and marketing through our work with custormers in all areas and services, small and big companies. We see your company from a strict marketing point, and can spot oportunities that is not easily seen from within the business. We also apply the value of the company idea and policies. I.e. Service, environmental etc. Rebranding, graphical and physical business makeovers aswell as a good advertising strategy targeting your special audience.


Product Design

We create, develop and find the suitable packaging, labeling and branding for your product or service.

The right design and packaging is substantial to the sucess of your business, something that's overlooked in many companies.


Illustration & graphic design services

Almost anywhere you'll need a design for you company, we can be at your service. From cute and funny cartoon style to serious product design, news graphics, and logos just to say some. Ask us.,








We also work with or suply the following services.

• Market analyses/research • Marketing for small bussineses.

• Design • Customer Magazines • Webhosting • Webdesign

• Programming • IT-Support